Don’t turn away.  Don’t graze at me from the corner of your eyes brimming with tears.  Because they betray, and so do you.   Look here, right into my eyes,  What do you see?   You see pain, right?   Is that why you

We (both men and women alike) are all born with a prescription, handed over to us much before we even know, if that’s what we want to do, if that’s the path we want to tread if that’s who we really are or eventually would like to become. Choice and consent are something, that’s rare […]

I had reigned your household for generations, much before you had arrived. I was loved unconditionally and revered eminently. It felt like I was an indelible part of their identities. I was the pride they wore up their sleeves. When you were born, my eyes welled up with tears of joy and

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.“ ~ Carl Jung. While the world outside seems to be crumbling down as a result of an unprecedented war between the humans and the planet, there is a pertinent

Well, the abbreviations( FOMO & JOMO) and the terminology ( Digital Detox), were conceived, because the latent need ( to spare the humankind of this ‘yet another’ rampant menace) necessitated an expression ( in the form of language). Let me get them out of the way first( like

We had met on a train somewhere near Ulm in Germany. The moment our eyes met I had felt an instant connection. It's true that we don't meet people by accident, but there is a reason why they cross our path. We quickly exchanged brief glances and tender smiles. Her face

We were so unprepared for this, I must say. We even considered going back to India for a month. But it just wasn’t really fitting into our budget. Stress. Anxiety. Restlessness. Helplessness. We wore them all up, on our sleeves at some point. It was imperative for us to keep our cool and take

After having spent about a little more than a week in this new abode at Konstanz, we had someone over tea( which was prepared by the only Indian Chai specialist in our house) this morning. They are an English speaking German Family, who not only love the

We have very triumphantly shed away the traditional and embraced the modern ways of living – in smart homes, equipped with First World Technological Solutions, Alexa, for instance. We have grown to lay our trust on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, but have miserably failed to even

The one, who is committed to transforming, wouldn't be held back ever, no matter how many curve-balls life throws at them, let alone becoming parents, that too out of their own choice to procreate. And as the legend has it, someday, they too shall pass on the legacy of a burning passion to

You are truly blessed to be the one who is different in her views, opinions, values, and principles. Be proud of them. They define the very person you are. Own yourself and never ever try to change any of these aspects to fit into a mold. Do not blend into the colors, that the world around you,

You become what you think. You are what you eat. Barbara Cartland I had just laughed out loud, when a friend of mine, not very long ago, had shared this quote with me, because the reality was too harsh for me to accept. I loved eating potatoes, so did I look like one? Yikes! And today,

I had read about the Turkish bath experience on the internet before, and definitely had an idea, what it was all about. But to know is one thing and to experience is another and its always better to experience something new before we conclude whether we like it or not. For me, this was too

She was beauty and seduction intertwined. A gale of delight from the divine.  That’s how I felt about this beautiful little Greek island of Santorini. It’s implausible, to not be smitten, by its mystical charm, and fantasize about every moment spent here, even long after, you are

Its easier said than done. Isn’t it ? If only, there was any hope to see this beautiful landscape, that you see here as a featured image,  in it purest form, even after few decades from now – As green and clean, there wasn’t any need for me to write this post. What do you […]

It’s been 9 months now, since we had conceived a new way of life for ourselves – A nomadic journey of sorts, travelling in Europe with our 22 months old daughter, keeping our base at Konstanz in Germany. We continue to live in a single hotel room, which we very fondly, call our

Today marks day #30 of me practicing Veganism – making a sustainable lifestyle choice to reduce my carbon footprint on the environment – Mother earth – I proudly call my home. I know it’s too early to write or even talk about it, but my reasons that triggered the change

It’s been 8 months since we embarked on our journey of being a Digital Nomad Family, and living at the German-Swiss Border in a hotel room – where we luxuriate quite profoundly and very lovingly call it our home. We have been extensively travelling around Europe with our base

With an urge to share my travel  stories with you all, I started  travel blogging and became an active instagrammer posting my travel updates with the pictures of places I visited and writing about it drawing parallels with my experiences of life otherwise. But behind this seemingly wonderful